Hope, Love, Faith, And Peace   
Corny Held

Will you try things when you doubt you will ever succeed
Or would you give up and surrender, ignore what you feel
You may chase an idea you probably will never reach,
But hope is the art to persue what cannot really be.

Can you find rest in ideas of of a harmony dream
Or do you enjoy to find glory in all things you see
Change the world in your mind what is evil becomes an ideal
Love is the freedom to justify all self-deceit

Why do you think there is something that matters at all
A promise you seize cause you want to believe in a goal
In a wish you believe cause you need a reason to strive
Faith is the way to maintain allegiance to life

Can you find calm in your days when everything's done
When life is in line with ideals and all challenges won
Your passions just sleep and conceive a new dream to fight for
Peace is the time to forget why to never make war

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